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Your Netezza replacement journey begins now

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Many of us have observed Data Warehousing undergoing massive shifts over the past several years; like so much else in the world of information technology. Has your enterprise been scanning the horizon, making adjustments to its data warehouse practice along the way and keeping up with this transformation as it has unfolded? Or could you be seeking a way forward now in uncertain territory?

New technology options

Natrinsic can help shed light on the way ahead for your Data Warehouse.

New technology options are always emerging, but which direction makes the most sense for where your enterprise is right now in this journey?

Some companies today struggle to overcome the unfulfilled promise of certain emerging trends. Others have been surprised by abrupt changes in industry conditions. Like when IBM announced the end-of-support for Netezza (IBM PureData) appliance model lines; some of which expired in mid-2019.

Natrinsic to the rescue!

Fortunately for those Netezza customers who already reached out to us, Natrinsic has dashed to the rescue with our Managed Services support program. This effectively acts as an extension of support; offering hardware and software expertise, hardware replacement and field services - all backed by a 24x7x365 helpdesk.

We also perform more proactive appliance health monitoring- and reporting to stay ahead of potential trouble.

This service is structured to keep your Enterprise Data Warehouse healthy and operational. If your enterprise relies exclusively on older Netezza appliances -- especially for production workload -- this is not a permanent solution.

The appliance models retired from IBM support no longer receive software updates which may be needed to fix logical errors; or more urgently, to patch security vulnerability issues. You could be one novel bug away from your appliance going offline with no recourse for remediation.

Where do we go from here?

Natrinsic can help you explore your data warehouse modernization options based on your specific usage, current business priorities and future growth plans. Then you can choose the best foundation for your next generation data warehouse.

Together we can begin moving your critical workloads to alternative platforms right away (whether on-premise or in the cloud); while the big strategic picture comes into sharper focus.

With a similar IBM support deadline coming up in June 2020 for another set of Netezza (IBM PureData) appliance models (we’re looking at you Striper Gen-2!), more data warehouse managers will be forced to address the impending need to re-platform to ensure the longevity of their enterprise’s data warehouse solutions.

In this vein, we are pleased to announce the availability of our new guide to aid in the transition to your next generation data warehouse: Natrinsic Data Warehouse Evolution Playbook for Netezza Customers.

This playbook is written with the strategic replacement program in mind. It is a comprehensive plan we follow while working with our clients on Netezza migration projects.

We have also created a number of Netezza fast-track programs to help our clients build immediate resiliency around their production workload at risk. These fast-track programs can be run concurrently with a strategic program, should have a quick return on investment, and effectively pay for themselves.

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Natrinsic’s unique blend of Managed- and Professional Services allows us to work to alleviate your enterprise risk immediately while kicking off a plan to replace Netezza appliances iteratively; at the desired pace.

Let Natrinsic help you see the light

Should your company migrate its data warehouse entirely into the cloud, seek a hybrid approach or continue with a dedicated on-premise solution? In any case Natrinsic can help you to identify the right solution that meets your business needs. We may strike a balance where each solution carries part of the load.

For whatever reason, if your current data warehouse solution isn’t keeping up with the times or suffering from the upheaval in the climate, we can bring our expertise to bear on finding a resilient solution for your enterprise going forward.

Whether your enterprise is already a Natrinsic Managed Services customer or if your firm is now seeing the need for procuring similar help, we would like to start a conversation with you.

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